Our Purpose

There are spectacular energy efficiencies – and resultant cost savings – available by installing sustainable energy solutions in your business. You probably know that already. That’s why you’re here.

What you may not know is that the payback times for your investment, as well as the funds available through Government incentives, can sometimes be greatly diluted by the costs and biases of the energy consultants you use.

Logical Energy Consultants was set up to offer genuine industry-leading expertise in the field of sustainable energy system design and installation, but with minimal overheads and no commercial associations with pre-determined solutions or specific manufacturers.

And we’re fiercely independent, so we can offer you genuinely impartial, objective advice – backed by our expertise and contacts – free from any pressure to recommend a preferred provider or manufacturer, whilst using our purchasing power to remain highly competitive on prices.

With us, you’ll receive a turn-key installation: bespoke for you, designed, delivered and ready to switch on. We provide a free initial consultation and, with us helping you to make the smart choices on finance vehicles, we’ll help you negate the need for up-front capex.