Biomass is a genuinely green technology and it’s not going to run out. With 20 years of RHI funding available, you’ll be paid for every kilowatt of heat that you generate.

Biomass is the ideal fuel for a carbon neutral solution. It’s both sustainable and renewable, it’s clean and easy to handle, and is cost-effective with no reliance on fossil fuels. The CO2 emitted from wood pellets is equal to, or less, than that absorbed by the tree during its natural growth.

There are limitations with biomass though. The fuel hopper demands considerable space at your premises, so you’ll need plenty of room. And if you have a listed building or are in a location sensitive to the challenges of acquiring planning permission, there’s that time and financial cost to consider, too.

If you have the right setup for biomass, you’ll need experts to deliver it properly – genuine experts, like us at Logical Energy Consultants who with our network of trusted partners can install, maintain and repair your system so that operates at its optimum capability.